Keep Up the GOOD Fight!

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The Untold Story of an Unknown Athlete-Activist by Davon "D" Marque Hall. Decarcerate Delaware - Decarcerate America - Decarcerate Our Future - We Are All Remarkable - Fine Black Art - Keep up the GOOD Fight - Fight Hate with Gloves - Fight Hate on the Streets - Fight Hate with Policy - Fight Hate with Protest - Fight Poverty Not the Poor - The Best is yet to Come! With God ALL things ARE POSSIBLE!
We Only Lose if We Stop Fighting...
Keep Believing, Keep Praying, Keep Working TOGETHER, Keep Dreaming BIG, Keep Building UP & MOVING FORWARD!

Keep God ☝🏾🧡
Prisons are places of violence and confinement and forgiveness is...
A great trainer.


Take Where You're From Wherever You Go!

Keeping Up The GOOD Fight Is Not Always About Winning. Sometimes It's Just About Showing Up AND REPRESENTING WHERE YOU'RE FROM!